As I always will say, love is the most beautiful and precious thing there is in the planet, it is complex and magical at the same time. It may not be easy to navigate but  it is the only course that leads us to freedom and experience the magnificence of who we truly are which is the essence of it All.


Then when we really understand that we all are one and unique at the same time our life will become a live of Mastery.



To create a beautiful and safe space where people come together in LOVE and HEALING, a space where individually and collectively we  transform and connect within and all around bringing greater understanding and resolution in our lives, participating  and creating a consciousness of love,care, peace and abundance. 


My Sacred Aura is a space for inner reflection, healing, creativity and expression, awakening the alchemist within and transforming each life into a life of beauty, love and success.


My sacred Aura was designed as a safety nest to serve ourselves and others, dedicated to the reflection of  all aspects in our lives, walking and awakening within while traveling a road less traveled, where the  inner and outer light become the guide assisting us to live a life we love.