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Total body wellness

The human body is an incredible design and a wonder of complexity. In order for the body to function properly, the different components of your body must work harmoniously together. This underscores the importance of total body wellness.


Body wellness targets the human being as a whole taking in consideration all aspects in our being. The Physical, Emotional, Mental, Unconscious and Spiritual levels are intrinsically related and all play an extremely important role in the well being of any human being, reason why when working with any of our clients we navigate all those aspects integrating different techniques in the process of healing always aiming towards the restoration of your wellbeing.


While there is a multitude of internal systems that affect the way your body works, most medical professionals divide the primary components of fitness into different groups, such as cardiorespiratory capacity, muscular capacity, and body composition. Each one of these must be working properly in order to ensure that you are functioning at your best.


When your body is healthy, the chances of you developing things like heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses drastically decrease. When you maintain your body at its best chronic illness can be easily managed and in many cases you can free your body from all kinds of diseases.


These are just a few of the factors that are considered when it comes to total body wellness. All of these factors should be taken into consideration with the end goal of helping you to improve your health and maintain good health throughout your life.


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Signature Wraps

Our unique mix of oils,herbs and essences are applied to promote detoxification combined with a lymphatique drainage touch promoting the healing of the liver, pancreas and all the elimination system to increase wellbeing.