"When all the pieces fit together, combining your passion with your strengths, you can achieve things you never imagined. It is entirely possible to reinvent yourself at any age and live a very successful life." John Roger DSS



Assisting individuals from all walks of life to find their passions, finding their own answers on how to be creative embracing who they are.


 Our mission is to assist people around the world in the process to find what they like, their abilities, passions and talents and to create a life for themselves that will empower and support them individually in learning how to reach success with tools and skills that validate and support their goals and become productive and successful in the future, living a life they truly love, contributing to their communities and the world.



To facilitate seminars that assist people in gaining greater awareness, learning how to support and assist themselves in practical ways, combining talents, abilities and passions; coping with stress, fears, doubts, low self-esteem and pinpoint those beliefs that stop them from creating a life they really love. 


Our seminars are dedicated to the wellbeing of humanity, restoring the primary relationship for each individual, the relationship with themselves and from there create and transform all aspects in their lives and their environment.

Creating, sharing, assisting, transforming and touching others from that place of true abundance and the overflow of talents.

“Love is the key that opens God’s kingdom and gratitude the voice that sings all God’ songs” - Monica Laskay DSS

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