“As we let go and let God, We will experience a life filled with love, beauty, magical magnificence and powerful abundance” - Monica Laskay DSS

Many doctors today across specialties prescribe meditation as one of the most important practices in the process of healing and regeneration, just as they would prescribe an antidepressant or blood pressure medication.

Meditation has the power to improve digestion, to strengthen the immune system, maintain normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels. People with chronic issues often turn to meditation for some type of alleviation. Meditation has helped reduce the recovery process in those experiencing chronic conditions and excessive stress in their life.


Meditation makes you younger, regular meditation might even make you look younger and change your body on a cellular level even repairing your DNA to slow down aging. Those who meditated showed an average gain in IQ of 23 percent and the effect was lasting, showing significant gains in creativity, concentration, and self-awareness.


Our meditation combined with art and intentional practices are designed to improve your wellbeing and transform overall challenges in extraordinary and beautiful experiences.


“The best course of action is to bring yourself into an inner calm so that you become master of yourself”  John-Roger, DSS

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Sound Bath and Body Balancing Restoration

Sound healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body in a meditative state. In addition to contributing to deep relaxation, can be very helpful with anxiety and stress, which manifest in so many ways, affecting sleep, digestion, physical challenges , chronic conditions and memory among others. By experiencing a sound bath, you can provide your whole body with a reset"


Every human body cell has its own electromagnetic field. Every human cell has and is responsive to frequency and vibration. They are healing frequencies like 432, 528 Hz that have been researched and explored by genetic biochemists, quantum medicine and neuroscience that are currently using it in their labs to repair DNA that has been damaged.


Immerse yourself in a unique experience where sound is the healer for those  “bathed” in sound waves produced by various sources, including healing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles, tuning forks, and even the human voice itself.


3 Hours (8 Max)


$380 per person

Rock Maze

Guided Labyrinth Walks for clearing and Greater Clarity

Scale replica of The labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France dated back to 1205, monks used it for contemplative moments. A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools and reflects the eternal

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Meditation Class

Guided Meditations and Clearing Techniques

We combine different techniques to clear your energy field when you feel out of balance using simple and practical methods.


“Take a look at any addictive patterns you have and start clearing those patterns now, especially since this is eventually necessary to fulfill your divine heritage and complete the progression of the Soul.”

  John-Roger, DSS

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Yoga and Meditation

Arial Sound and Healing Meditation

An ancient healing modality using musical vibrational instruments such as crystal and Himalayan Bowls, drums, bells and voice that will bring the receiver into a deep relaxation passing into the mind's thetic state while vibrations of sound will travel through the body creating harmonious balance of the body and mind's cells.  Sound therapy nourishes the body's nerve endings reducing chronic pain and inflammation while lowering heart rate, blood pressure and toxic levels in the body.  Stored emotions and energy blockages may be released and all while listening to a beautiful orchestra of sound embracing your every cell.

Healing with Sound: Tune Up to Find Inner Harmony. Yoga. Meditation. Spirituality · Chakras · Primordial Sound.

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Masters Daily Practice For Grater Love and Healing

Dedicated to increase awareness, love, healing as we serve ourselves and others. We work actively with remote healing and transformation.

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Kirtan, Shamanic Sounds

These sacred sound traditions encompass a broad range of expressive forms: melodic and repetitive vocalizations called chants; sharp, passionate,

emotion-filled hums, groans, shouts; percussive, rhythmic hand claps and foot stomps; and extended song, sermon, and instrumental arrangements. 

With roots in the Vedic anukirtana tradition, a kirtan is a call-and-response style song or chant, set to music, wherein multiple singers recite or describe a legend, or express loving devotion to a deity, or discuss spiritual ideas.

Kirtan is sometimes accompanied by story-telling and acting.

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Group Dance

Soul Center Dance Trough Free Expression

Dance is a natural form of self-expression: the body expresses itself naturally and so therefore does the spirit. To find your dance is to find yourself, at your most fluid and creative level. While the practice itself is the essence of simplicity, it has the power to catalyze deep healing and creative expression.

This is a beautiful and freeing  movement meditation practice.

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Flying Yoga Hammocks

Inverted Arial Restoration Therapy

Aerial Yoga Therapeutics utilises the aerial hammock apparatus to facilitate therapeutic movement that aligns with progressive exercise-based rehabilitation and trauma-informed practice. The aerial hammock is a sensory medium that enhances neural integration and offers the restorative benefits of zero-compression inversions, incorporating joint and viscera decompression while developing 3-dimensional spatial awareness.This innovative health and integrating system combines exercise based physiotherapy, rehabilitation practices and mental health settings to address a range of conditions and enhance recovery, empowerment and well-being.


3 Hrs. Session



Group Therapy

Light Healing Sound Circles

Monica’s innovative healing circle techniques integrate all senses while utilizing different types of healing restoration techniques, and powerful  sounds and frequencies aim to restore the bioenergetic fields of the body.


3 Hrs. Session



Yoga and Meditation

Aerial Yoga/Dance 

Aerial arts silks exercises help improve your core, arms, legs and grip. Many traditional exercises neglect focus on true upper body strength. Aerial silks classes provide a great workout that will strengthen muscles, your core, balance and lungs through breathwork exercises that might be difficult to focus on in traditional workouts.


Individual session

4 Sessions




Martial Arts

Capoeira & Martial Arts

The spiritual and mental benefits of martial arts are often overlooked because of the combative and self-defense skills that brings. The real value of martial arts is helping individuals harness their natural strength by the power within the spirit and the mind. Martial arts have a deep meaning and philosophy.

Martial arts have evolved into a spiritual fusion of dance, music, martial arts, community and self-expression.Observation and awareness are crucial to learning. Nature and human spirit are the ultimate teachers. Also it provides a healthy way to release pent-up aggression and frustration without causing harm to ourselves. others and the communities.


4 Sessions