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“Freedom Through Transformation”

My Sacred Aura is a Retreat - a Wellness Center and Meditation Studio

The most beautiful path that we can ever travel is the inner journey of discovery and transformation, embracing every part of who we are and, from there, making the choices that will lead us into a life we love while experiencing freedom and richness all around. Giving and receiving from who we are, being able to navigate and experience what completion and oneness is all about.


“The key to success is Love, Kindness is the expression, and Happiness the result. Intentional practices are successful when service is the foundation and essential connections the result” 

Monica Laskay DSS.


Wisdom and transformation, the road less travelled.


As Jason Laskay would say: Laskay Drive “The road less traveled”


BMsymbol_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 25.png
Beautiful Me Spas
Health isn't just diet and exercise. It goes deeper into your mental, spiritual and emotional wellness. It means balance in all areas of your life to ensure true happiness and well-being.”


We invite you to explore and experience a sacred oasis of tranquility 
and beauty.

We will assist you in the process of achieving greater success in achieving your dreams and living a life of magic and abundance.

“The path to success begins with discovering who you are and loving who you are. Begin your journey today.” 

Monica Laskay DSS

Buddha Statue


I credit Monica Laskay with being one of the biggest facilitators on my healing and personal growth journey.  In her typical kind, compassionate, and simple style, Monica has worked with me to gain a better understanding of my purpose, clear mindsets that were no longer serving me, and realize that the freedom and self-empowerment I am seeking is present with me now.


- Aleya D. Harris

Los Angeles, Calif. 

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