High School


Bright Seminars for Students, Parents and Teachers.


Assisting kids and young adults in finding their passions, answers in how to be creative, embracing who they are, integrating their abilities and becoming successful in achieving their dreams in a very practical way. Learning how to transform their ideas into reality, understanding the importance of networking  and how to choose and build a team and support system around them that will lead them individually and as a group to a successful future and to live a life they absolutely love.

Learn how to be a great leader and the importance of teamwork, understanding the value that is present when all involved are winners.

College Students


We are committed to support students in the process of learning how to gain tools to work with that will help them find their talents, skills and a career that they love and want, creating solid and sustainable steps to begin the process and development of achieving their goals.


Is to empower youth in the process of auto discovery of their talents, abilities and passions while developing basic skills such as learning how to relate to others, as well as motivating them to succeed in school and as they transition into college, inspiring them to enroll in a career they are passionate about while assisting them in the process of starting their individual path towards creating a life they love and experiencing success.

Taking care of yourself equals success.