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Monica has become “The guru and alchemist of body transformation”. For the last 27 years he has created protocols that integrate different techniques combined with the latest technology to target and transform the body of many, especially in the entertainment and beauty industry. She is the only one in the whole world with such programs, one of the reasons why people from different countries and cultures love to work with her.

At Beautiful Me we become your support system as you navigate an incredible journey of beautiful transformation.

“I can transform any type of body, the only thing I ask my clients is that they do their part as I do mine. When that happens, the results have always exceeded their expectations.”

Beautiful Me technicians strive to reduce cellulite and promote inch loss with innovative technology. They target stubborn fat with the ion and thermo system, which combines heat, electric current therapy, lipo laser, and detoxifying botanicals, and contour bodies with LipoMax Dissolve treatments that incorporate infrared, ultrasonic, and bipolar radiofrequency energy, among others.



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