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BEAUTIFUL ME is a place of tranquility, relaxation and beauty. A place to connect with ourselves through care and love towards our essence, our body and our well-being.

"Pamper yourself and enjoy your senses with one of our

exclusive treatments"

A boutique medical spa and wellness destination, a place of tranquility, relaxation and beauty where women and men experience the best in preventive and therapeutic rejuvenation procedures, producing immediate and long-lasting results. Beautiful Me Spas is a healing oasis focused on transformation through personal experience in order to obtain well-being in our lives. 

Each protocol is individually designed according to the needs of each client in order to produce results. We offer a unique combination of weight loss, detoxification, rejuvenation, skin care, body treatment and anti-aging protocols. Beautiful Me is focused on delivering results that build loyalty among our customers. 

It is for everyone and embraces beauty from the inside out. Beautiful me is an accessible luxury. A place where the care needs of the mind, body and skin of the clients are satisfied and provides an unforgettable, effective and authentic experience for their clients.

Whole Body Health is being aware of all that. “Health is not just diet and exercise. Delve deeper into your mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. It means balance in all areas of your life to ensure true happiness and well-being."

It is important to restore the balance between soul, mind and body. It helps you achieve a state of calm and relaxation, and this will certainly reflect on your overall health. It can help identify what causes current concerns, what factors (spiritual, mental, or physical) perpetuate health-related problems, and help you overcome them. Given its integrative/holistic approach, mind-body therapy is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain, moodiness, anxiety, depression, or insomnia.

The way we think has a tremendous effect on our lives. Mind-body therapies aim to promote overall healing by focusing on your mind, spirit and body, this can significantly reduce the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, depression, obesity, heart attack, stroke, heart disease, etc. These therapies can also be helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain, digestive problems, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, boost your immune system and improve your sleep. Yoga moves are also great for improving bowel function and ensuring optimal digestion.

In general, your mind and emotions can affect your physical health on a deeper level, and often play a huge role in how you experience pain. It often happens that people who suffer from chronic pain are also overly stressed, depressed or anxious.

“Do not abuse your body or corrupt it by taking things into it that disturb or destroy the natural nerve functions. Bring to your body those things that will make you healthy, those things that will give you strength and ​​beauty. That is exercising wisdom.” John-Roger, DSS


Lower Body



The human body is an incredible design and a marvel of complexity. For the body to function properly, the different components of your body must work together in harmony.


We created an annual beauty and wellness package dedicated to women and men who UNDERSTAND the importance of staying young, radiant, beautiful and the impact this has on everyone's lives.

Many people around the world admire famous artists for their looks. Their best secret is one and it is simple, for them it is a priority to invest in themselves, to be the best possible version and, as a result, their performance is carried out from a place of great confidence using all the attributes and skills in their favor and experimenting. a high level of energy and clarity as they work on their projects. 

It is common to see them always work with a mentor on a personal level, who becomes their life counselor and image consultant.  

Monica Laskay has become well known as the alchemist of weight loss, body recovery and restoration, rejuvenation and beauty to many around the world; especially in Malibu, where many artists, models, actors and entertainers live. This package gives you the opportunity to work with Monica for a year as your personal mentor and advisor on a journey where you will experience the magic of transformation from the inside out assisting you in living true beauty and success.

Choose from a full year of body care or skin care:


1 year of RejuveMAX SCULPT (body care)

  • 4 Week Detox and Rejuvenation Protocol (2) or 8 Week Weight Loss Protocols (2)

  • 10 Months of Body Restoration and Rejuvenation HGH and Amino Acid Protocols

  • 2-90 min. Restorative Therapy sessions per month (24 in total)

  • 2 sessions of 90 min. Cellular Regeneration Therapy per month NES

  • A quarterly tailor-made interface meditation on transforming challenges into success. (This activity can be done remotely or in person)

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1 year of DermaMAX RADIANCE (skin care)

  • 1 YouthLift facials per month (12)

  • 8-week skin restoration protocol (acne, pigmentation, scars...) (2)

  • 12 months LitEye lash extensions

  • 12 months of brow shaping and shading

  • 2 sessions of 90 min. Cellular Regeneration Therapy per month NES

  • A quarterly tailor-made interface meditation on transforming challenges into success. (only in person)

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Our mission is to make you feel beautiful in your own skin, to nurture, pamper and give yourself and your beautiful body from where you are now no matter what. Above all, we want to help you achieve your ideal body goals. Whether it's getting rid of fine wrinkles, melting away body fat, oxygenating dry skin, hydrating, detoxifying, or relaxing your body through massage, we're here to provide you with cutting-edge technology and a personalized experience tailored to your individual needs. . 

Experience true ecstasy in BEAUTIFUL ME


The therapists at Beautiful Me strive to diminish cellulite and promote inch loss with innovative technology. They target stubborn fat with the ion and thermo system, which combines heat, electric current therapy, and detoxifying botanicals, and for body contouring with LipoMax Dissolve treatments that incorporate infrared, ultrasonic, and bipolar radiofrequency energy, among others.

Beautiful Me Spas received the annual "Best Spa and Best Kept Secret" award in Malibu, CA for two years in a row.

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