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True Radiance comes with the latest cutting-edge products and technology in ONE complemented by a complete protective shield against the silent enemies that endanger the skin, GREAT ANTI-POLLUTION TECHNOLOGY. ​

The most innovative cosmetic ingredients on the market, it has advanced anti-aging facial care, moisturizing, specific care for sensitive skin, combination skin, basic care that adapts to the needs of your skin._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Composed of excellent cabin therapies performed by beauty professionals with a unique application method: the Kirei Method, which makes them a true expert care.

Before the Kirei Method, the professional will perform a skin diagnosis with the Professional Beauty Diagnosis analyzer, exclusive to us, which allows you to measure the level of hydration, sebum, pigmentation, firmness, etc.

From the first session, you will appreciate a true rejuvenation of your skin.

To enhance the results of in-cabin treatment, Beautiful Me spas also offer maintenance and strengthening treatments for use at home that transform facial care into a true ritual of radiant youth and beauty.




Starting with micro and electrical stimulation to tighten and tone the face, infusing the skin with a secret serum combined with oxygen and a formula that is loaded with a concentrated dose of the hero ingredient, hyaluronic acid.
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