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“Loving is the most natural way to heal yourself. That means no unreasonable demands or expectations on yourself, and putting your health and well-being into the Light for the highest good."   John-Roger DSS


A Unique Approach to Healing and Good Health


How do you define health? The absence of disease? Having all the energy and vitality you want? Having your body in top shape? Here’s a look at health as a multidimensional experience. It offers approaches that engage not only our physical body but also the imaginative, emotional, mental, unconscious, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.


"Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Well-Being is filled with practical wisdom that expands our awareness beyond the usual way of considering health.

It delivers a multitude of cost-free and underutilized resources that not only support improving and maintaining our health and well-being, but also taking responsibility for the long term direction of our health."   John-Roger, DSS

Q: Is there a way of clearing illness from the consciousness?

A: Each of us has an "etheric body double". Its purpose is to take on an illness before it reaches the physical body. Often, when a person knows how, they can remove an illness from the etheric body  double before it gets to the physical body. 

And when a person is already I'll physical, clearing the etheric body double, along with healing the physical body, can assist with healing”



Our goal is to help humanity restore its energy for life, one person at a time.

And we have an incredibly powerful and fulfilling approach to doing this.

Start by reaching one of our practitioners around the world and get your first scan.

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What is Bioenergetics?


Bioenergetics is the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems. But with our holistic approach to this topic, we look at all the ways to gather energy and make sure it’s controlled and flowing properly to optimize the health of the body.