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Bioenergetics is the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems. But with our holistic approach to this topic, we look at all the ways to gather energy and make sure it’s controlled and flowing properly to optimize the health of the body.

Your lifestyle choices can have an immediate and positive impact on your life, working with bioenergetics can help take you to the next level of having the energy and sense of wellbeing to pursue your dreams.

We need energy to live our lives to the fullest, and we gather this energy through a constant exchange with our environment.This exchange takes place as long as we’re alive, but we can optimize this exchange and provide ourselves with more energy for life by making healthy lifestyle decisions. Here’s a general outline:



While there are many competing diets out there by experts with different points of view, almost all experts agree that we should focus on natural, minimally processed foods, including plenty of plant foods.


We need to avoid sugar and artificial ingredients. And more than that, we need to consume living food – that is, food that emits biophotons, and across the color spectrum. (Meaning that we should choose a rainbow of colors in our natural foods.) 



We don't talk enough about the power and magic of water and the influence in all living things. Research shows that water is much more than the
individual H2O molecule. It’s about structured relationships that take place between the water molecules throughout our bodies. These structures separate positive and negative charges, allowing water to act like a battery in the body.


That gives water a critical role in producing energy for us.



Light (especially as infrared light, or heat) creates a greater charge separation in structured water, generating a stronger body battery. But light also triggers all sorts of activity in the body, from the
production of vitamin D to brain signaling for daytime vs nighttime activity. It can affect mood, sleep, weight loss, and so much more. Likewise, temperature affects our blood vessels, heart rate, and blood; nerves; muscles; metabolism; and more.



The body needs to maintain a slightly negative charge, which requires keeping an abundance of electrons available. We can get these from direct contact with the earth. Walking on asphalt doesn’t count.


Walking in shoes with rubber soles doesn’t count. The idea is skin to earth contact by walking in the grass or on the beach.




Research connects a lack of movement / exercise with a long list of health problems. Its importance is not only due to the biochemical exchanges that take place when we move. From a bioenergetics perspective, the compression of bones, the stretching of muscles, greater use of the lungs, increased heart rate, and so on all help to produce a stronger energy field in the body.



Our intake of oxygen provides us with more power than food does, yet many of us are shallow breathers, not optimizing the energy we can produce from this continuous activity. Improving posture and
breathing – which can be assisted with meditation practices as well – can help you capture more energy for life.
In all of these, though, we need to strike the appropriate balance, and this brings us to the topic of hormetics.

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